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Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 CB Tour Black Wedge / Stiff Grafit skaft

Pris: 1.295,00 DKK

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Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 CB Tour Black Wedge / Grafit skaft
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Pris: 1.295,00 DKK

Specialpris: 690,00 DKK

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The Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB Tour Satin Wedge has been designed to add more versatility, more performance, more control and more spin to your short game.

The Rotex 2.0 has evolved by speaking to Cleveland Golf's leading touring staff like Keegan Bradley and Graeme McDowell.  Based on conversations with these guys the engineers were able to get inside their heads and work out what was needed to deliver the levels of performance needed from 125 yards and in.

The Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB Tour Satin Wedge is available in three distinctly different grinds as every golfer plays short game shots differently so a standard grind is not suitable for everyone. To choose the correct grind to give you maximum performance you should look at the turf conditions you play on, playing preference and skill level.

Where the Cleveland RTX 2.0 comes into its own is the Rotex Face technology, Rotex has changed the way that golfers of all abilities can attack pins and spin the ball. It is a three step process to achieve such greatness:

Step 1 is the Rotex Milling, the Rotex Milling increases the roughness across the face of the club to produce more friction and spin, especially from questionable lies and rough. 

Step 2 is the Tour Zip Grooves, the walls of the grooves are steeper and sharper than ever helping debris channel away from the face for a more consistent cleaner strike. 

Step 3
 is the Laser Milling, by Laser Milling the face of the Rotex 2.0 it fine tunes the roughness and texture across the whole face, by doing this it will increase the spin on pitch and chip shots. 

The CB on the Rotex 2.0 Tour Satin stands for cavity back and offers a fraction more forgiveness on fuller shots than the standard RTX wedge. In no way does this limit the performance and playability of the Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB Tour Satin Wedge. 

In our opinion the combination of RTX technology and the three sole grinds the Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB Tour Satin Wedge offers will add another dimension to your short game and you will be amazed at the versatility and performance results you instantly get with this awesome looking wedge.

Product Features

A cavity back design with a sightly larger profile that adds confidence and forgiveness on full, chip and pitch shots. The subtle cavity promotes perimeter weighting for more forgiveness on off-centre hits.

The Standard Bounce Grind provides a mid effective bounce, offering players a wedge that performs well in most conditions. The combination of a trailing edge grind and moderate relief from the heel and toe gives the player the perfect combination of versatility and forgiveness. Standard Bounce Grind is ideal for a wide variety of conditions and/or players with a neutral attack angle. 2 DOT (STANDARD BOUNCE) KEY FEATURES Trailing Edge Grind moderate trailing relief Mid effective bounce All-around playability and versatility, allowing golfer to execute a variety of shots from most playing conditions.


Our Rotex face technology literally changed the face of spin in golf last year. Rotex 2.0 takes spin control to yet another level. 15% sharper grooves and a new micro-milled Rotex face 
pattern gives these wedges the most surface roughness the USGA will allow. It's Spin 2.0.

The evolution of the 588 RTX 2.0 wedges began by listening to some of the best players in the world. Working in cooperation with elite tour staffers like Graeme McDowell, Keegan Bradley and Hideki Matsuyama, our engineers were able to pinpoint the challenges players face from 125 yards and in and seek out solutions to help them score better. Throughout the entire development process, our tour staff tested and provided feedback to ensure that the 588 RTX 2.0 was the best wedge on tour. 

Loft  Available in  Bounce  Length 

Swing Weight 
 Dots Angle 
 50°  RH  10°  35,5"  D2
 52°  RH  10° 35.375"  D4
 56°  RH  14° 35.25"  D6
 60°  RH  12° 35.125"  D8

Yderligere information

Navn Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 CB Tour Black Wedge / Stiff Grafit skaft
Hånd Højre
Flex Stiff
Brand Cleveland Golf

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