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Wilson X31 Komplet Golfsæt Stål 1 tomme forlænget

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This Wilson X-31 Package Set has been made to be 1” longer than standard so that your posture and technique will be more consistent if you are taller than average. 

A combination of lightweight graphite shafts in the woods and steel shafts in the irons will give you the perfect blend of accuracy, control and distance. 

Aimed at the beginner or game improver, the X-31 Package Set consists of everything that a high handicap golfer needs to lower scores. The set consists of the following clubs:

A large 460cc head made from a titanium composite with back weighting provides a stable impact position for improved accuracy and incredibly fast speeds for extra distance. 

Fairway Wood (#3) 
A low centre of gravity on the fairway wood will help launch the ball into the air and provide increased forgiveness for all round versatility. 

An incredible long iron replacement golf club that is extremely forgiving and versatile from all types of lies on the golf course.

Irons (6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW) 
An oversized head construction with a low centre of gravity and a deep undercut cavity design will increase head stability to make sure those shots that do not hit the centre of the club face end up closer to your intended target. 

A bladed heel and toe weighted design will provide excellent distance control off the face. And it will be super easy to line up. 

To complete the package set Wilson have included a lightweight stand bag. The stand bag features an adjustable padded double strap system that will enhance carrying comfort and balance. An ergonomic Lumbar Support design provides the best possible protection to your lower back while carrying. 

Multiple pockets provide ample room for extra layers of clothing, golf balls and accessories. A seven-way divider top provides excellent club management that will allow you to store and organise the complete set very easily.

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Navn Wilson X31 Komplet Golfsæt Stål 1 tomme forlænget
Brand Wilson
Hånd Højre
Køn Herre
Længde +1 tomme forlænget
Flex Regular

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