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Wilson Prostaff HDX Komplet Golfsæt Herre Stål + CaddyTek Explorer 4-hjulet Vogn (Venstrehåndssæt)

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Wilson Prostaff HDX Komplet Golfsæt Herre Stål + CaddyTek Explorer 4-hjulet Vogn (Venstrehåndssæt)
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Wilson Prostaff HDX Komplet Golfsæt Herre Stål + CaddyTek Explorer 4-hjulet Vogn (Venstrehåndssæt)

The Wilson Prostaff HDX golf package set has been developed to inspire the beginner or game improver to play better, more consistent golf. 

All of the clubs in the Prostaff HDX golf package have been designed to help you hit the ball with the maximum distance and forgiveness. The bag configuration consists of each and every golf club you will need at this levels to produce better, more consistent golf. 

Set includes:

  • Driver
  • Fairway Wood
  • Hybrid
  • Irons 6-SW
  • Putter
  • Stand Bag

10.5° Driver 

Wilson have created a driver that features the largest legal size, 460cc. The centre of gravity (CG) location is low and deep in the head to promote a higher, more forgiving ball flight. The lightweight graphite shaft has been fitted to the HDX driver to help you create a faster swing without using any extra effort. 

Fairway Wood 
The design of the Prostaff HDX fairway wood will allow you to confidently use it from the tee, fairway or light rough. Like the driver the fairway wood has a low, deep CG which will provide an easy-to-launch forgiving flight with increased stability on off centre strikes for improved mishits. A lightweight graphite shaft that features a high kick point further enhances the easy-to-launch characteristics of the club. 

An incredibly versatile golf club that will allow you to hit the ball high, straight and long. It’s low, deep CG will enhance off centre strikes by increasing the stability of the head through impact. The CG location and versatile design will enable you to utilise the hybrid from all varieties of lies. 

Irons (6-SW) 
An oversized stainless cavity irons provides maximum forgiveness across the whole face to make off centre shots end up closer to the intended target. As with the rest of the clubs in this package the CG location is low and deep to aid forgiveness and provide an easy-to-launch iron that will allow you to get more consistent with your iron striking. A lightweight steel shaft will further add to the consistency of your ball striking.

A heel and toe weighted putter featuring a soft face insert provides an exceptional roll and feel off the face, the soft insert will help you gain better distance control. Easy alignment aids have been used on the top line of the putter to make lining up and getting the same set up over and over again for greater consistency. 

Included in the package set is a premium golf bag that contains all the features and benefits that will provide ample room for the golf clubs and all your other accessories you need to carry around for your round of golf. 

Yderligere information

Navn Wilson Prostaff HDX Komplet Golfsæt Herre Stål + CaddyTek Explorer 4-hjulet Vogn (Venstrehåndssæt)
Brand Wilson
Hånd Venstre
Køn Herre
Længde standard
Flex Mens Flex
Shaft Options Steel/Graphite

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