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Cleveland 588 TT 5-PW Grafit-skafter, Reg flex

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Cleveland 588 TT 5-PW Grafit-skafter, Regular flex
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The Cleveland 588 TT Steel Irons, designed to take your tour accuracy to a whole new level.

New from Cleveland in 2013, the 588 TT (Tour Trajectory) Steel Irons, with a promise of highly accurate tour-calibre hits through every stroke, for that true and accurate tour feel that many pros look for from their irons! And with interchangeable heads that can be mixed and match with the 588 MT and Altitude irons, Cleveland have allowed you to build your own perfect set.

Aimed at players between the range of those seeking further Game Improvement to Experienced Players.

Main Features:

Built for Tour Trajectory
 – Although the blade length throughout the irons progressively increases the higher the loft the irons achieves, the blade height stays the same through every iron. Although this may make the sweet sport of the irons slightly harder to hit with each stroke, when you do hit that sweet spot you are guaranteed great penetration and control from the irons. Perfect for the high handicappers that can control their swings.

Engineered Uppercut – Highly detailed and well crafted cavity into the back of the irons using precise crafting technology improves ball speed and accuracy when controlled stokes are made.

Hollow Construction – With a full hollow head mixed with advanced weighting technology, the irons provide high forgiveness, with a lower and deeper centre of gravity. This allows high launch, with distance that can be achieved through almost every stroke. This makes it feel great for any golfer with great results, especially made for golfers with a slower swing speed

Face Forged Technology – With the introduction of the forged face to each iron, not only will you get the feel of a forged iron through your stokes, but this will also increase balls speed.

Vibration Dampening – With a multiple material insert into the irons, including high quality polymer and aluminium which work to dampen the vibration, these irons deliver much more of a consistent feel through every stroke.

Fully Customisable
 – With the inclusion of interchangeable parts with the brother irons 588 MT and Altitude irons, a set can be created to the exact specification you want and need from Cleveland. Also the inclusion of being built with 431 Soft Stainless steel body, the irons can be easily customised to anywhere between 2 degrees flat and 2 degrees upright to accommodate different swing types.

Custom Shaft Specifications

KBS Tour Shaft is only available in Regular or Stiff Flex.




5 24° 61.50° 38.50" 38.75" D3 D2 .155"
6 27° 62.25° 37.875" 38.125" D3 D2 .145" 3.5°
7 31° 63.00° 37.25" 37.50" D3 D2 .135"
8 35° 63.50° 36.75" 37.00" D3 D2 .120"
9 39° 64.00° 36.25" 36.50" D3 D2 .100"
PW 44° 64.50° 35.75" 36.00" D3 D2 .080"

Yderligere information

Navn Cleveland 588 TT 5-PW Grafit-skafter, Reg flex
Længde Normal
Brand Cleveland Golf
Jernsæt 5-Pw
Flex Regular
Set Options 5-PW (6 Irons)
Shaft Options Graphite Shaft

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