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Callaway Rogue Fairway 7 Wood A-Flex

Pris: 2.499,00 DKK

Specialpris: 1.624,00 DKK

Callaway XR Speed Fairway 5 Wood Regular Flex
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The Callaway Rogue fairway wood features the same Jailbreak technology that made the Epic range popular. 

At address the Rogue fairway looks awesome. It has that modern shape that will instil confidence and provide massive versatility that will allow you to hit it from the tee, fairway and tricky lies in the rough. 

The face on the Rogue fairway has been made from an ultra-thin, fast Carpenter 455 stainless which when combined with Jailbreak technology produces high ball speeds across the entire face. 

To take ball speeds to another level Callaway have used their Face Cup technology, Face Cup technology helps keep those off-centre strikes finish closer to the intended target for impressive mishit results. The Rogue fairway family also feature an Internal Standing Wave (ISW) sole technology which positions the centre of gravity (CG) low and forward to produce a lower spinning, high launch for optimal distance gains. 
For the standard Rogue fairway a fixed back weight that will provide a higher more forgiving ball flight.There are numerous lofts are available in the Rogue fairway, to cover every option in your long game the following lofts are available, 13.5°, 15°, 17°, 19° Heavenwood 20°, 21° and 23°.

Four premium shafts are offered as standard, the profiles of each shaft are listed below. Choose the correct one to suit your game and watch that ball fly like never before. 

  • Aldila Quaranta - Ultra lightweight, sub 50 gram shaft, mid/low bend point for the better golfer looking to maximise feel.
  • Aldila Synergy - Constant taper design, balanced profile design, mid bend profile that offers incredible stability through impact. 
  • Project X Evenflow - Even bend profile producing a mid launch, mid spin profile for maximum energy release.
  • Project X HZRDUS Yellow - Low launch, low spin designed for the aggressive golfer looking to maximise distance with increased stability.


ClubLoftHandLengthLieCCSwing Weight
3+W 13.5° RH / LH 43.00" 55.00° 171 D2
3W 15° RH / LH 43.00" 57.00° 171 D2
4W 17° RH Only 42.75" 57.50° 162 D2
5W 19° RH / LH 42.50" 58.00° 152 D2
Heavenwood 20° RH / LH 42.75" 57.50° 161 D2
7W 21° RH / LH 42.00" 58.50° 142 D2
9W 23° RH Only 41.50" 59.00° 136 D2
11W 25° RH Only 41.00" 59.50° 134 D2

Shaft Options

ManufacturerFlexShaft WeightTorqueKickpoint
Aldila Synergy 60 Light 64 low-mid mid-high
Aldila Synergy 60 Regular 66 low-mid mid-high


ManufacturerFlexShaft WeightTorqueKickpoint
True Temper Project X Even Flow 70 Regular 76 low-mid mid
True Temper Project X Even Flow 70 Stiff 78 low mid
True Temper Project X Even Flow 70 X-Stiff 79 low mid


ManufacturerFlexShaft WeightTorqueKickpoint
True Temper Project X HZRDUS Yellow 70 Stiff 76 low high
True Temper Project X HZRDUS Yellow 70 X-Stiff 76 low high


ManufacturerFlexShaft WeightTorqueKickpoint
Aldila Quaranta 50 Light 52 mid mid
Aldila Quaranta 50 Regular 55 mid mid



Yderligere information

Navn Callaway Rogue Fairway 7 Wood A-Flex
Brand Callaway
Køn Herre
Loft - Fairway 7 Wood
Hånd Højre
Flex Senior (A)

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